Nose to the Ground

NOSE TO THE GROUND was our first digital recording, completed in 2000 at our studio in Spearfish, South Dakota. It featured 18 original tunes by Hank and Marianne Fridell. Marianne’s tunes were Where I Choose to Live, Got a Little Anxiety, Watching Love Reappear, Sleep Little Baby, Letting Go and As I Walk Through This Valley. Hank contributed I’m Coming Clean, Ichi go Ichi e, Your School Secretary, A Dog’s Life, A Real America, Black Hills Of Our Dreams, Low Life, Flight of the Curlew, Trails, and Spud’s Nose. Two songs were collaborative efforts of the pair: Not Quite Satisfied and Rims of the Earth. Featured on this CD was Aaron Apaza’s bassoon and sax work on Ichi go Ichi e and Got a Little Anxiety. The staff at East Elementary School in Spearfish sang on Letting Go.

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