New Tunes

Here are some new tunes that we’ve been working on.  Enjoy!

“Witness” was inspired by the August 21, 2017 eclipse that DustUp’s Hank and Jeff experienced separately in Nebraska and Oregon. What an experience!

“Wireless World” is another Dust Up project from Hank and Jeff.  It’s where we live!

“Driverless Car” is a Dust Up project, that demonstrates how technology is making our lives better, faster, easier and more confusing.

“Leave It In The Ground” is another Jeff Sweet and Hank collaboration. We need to make our energy sources sustainable! Can you hear Marianne singing on the chorus? There are some great banjo/guitar trade-offs at the end of the song. You can download the tune from CD Baby.

“Crazy Horse” is a song that our friend Jeff Sweet and Hank put together for the Cannon Ball Protectors. With 1,200 miles separating us, it was a long distance collaboration, made easy with digital recording. This song is available from CD Baby and iTunes. You can download it Here.

“The Place” is a Marianne Tune about this place where we live.

“You Can’t Rush the River” was written by Hank for the Missouri River celebration in Vermillion, SD, for our friend Terry Hill.

“Earth to the Universe” was inspired by the European Space Agency Rosetta mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. One of the things the lander Philae sent back before going dark was an audio file of noises the comet makes. Hank just loves the thought of the comet having a voice. The woodpecker sound on the recording is the comet’s voice singing to us.

“The Moon Lets Us In” is a Marianne tune.

“February’s an Eternity” just is.

“You’re All In”, “Sweet Love” and “Lexy and Graham” are three songs we wrote for Lexy & Graham’s wedding.

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