New Release!

“Under the Covers” a collection of tunes that Hank has been working on for over 6 years now—all covers of tunes that usually don’t feature the banjo, but here they are, in all their banjoistic glory.  Here’s the line-up:

  • Rubber Ducky from Sesame Street is one of Hank’s favorite all time songs by Ernie. It features the banjo, guitar and bass.
  • Pink Panther pairs Hank’s ukulele and cello banjo, a banjo tuned an octave lower than the regular 5 string.
  • The original When You Wish Upon a Star is a great Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike) Disney tune.  The song features the banjo and bass.
  • Hank wanted a Beatles tune on the CD and Here Comes the Sun got the nod. Marianne chimes in with her B3 organ sound.
  • Hank was invited to play banjo with the Custer Jr. High Choir when they did Rainbow Connection, a song by my favorite banjo player, Kermit the Frog.  The song features the regular and cello banjos and the upright bass.
  • After seeing a YouTube version of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly done by the Ukulele Orchestra of the UK, Hank worked this version up.  Marianne helped out on the kazoos and vocals.
  • What a Wonderful World is a long time Louis Armstrong favorite, and again has just the banjo and bass doing the accompaniment.
  • Blue Skies is the wonderful 1926 Irving Berlin classic, and this version was first heard when Hank purchased Pete Seeger’s Goofing Off Suite in the early 1960’s.  Pete did it as a banjo solo and he always wanted to work it up.  When he saw his teacher Tony Trischka do it, he knew this was his chance.
  • Hank thought that the sound of the cello banjo and ukulele might be a good fit for Lazy Bones, a 1933 Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael classic.
  • Classical Gas is another one of those “I just gotta learn that tune” inspirations. Hank picked it up by slowing down Mason Williams’ arrangement to where he could pick out each note, one at a time.  It has a lot of notes.
  • If I Only Had a Brain, from The Wizard of Oz, was a fun one to work up, again with just the 5 string banjo and bass.
  • Finally, Higher and Higher is the 1967 Jackie Wilson song that was put together by Motown’s amazing Funk Brothers.  Once Hank got the groove, it just fell together. Marianne is featured on the background vocals.

​The flying banjo artwork was done by Cait Irwin, the AMAZING Burning Beetle artist herself.  Check her out HERE!

The CD and digital download are available HERE!

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